Friday, November 03, 2006

Greta Van Susteren Goes Bowling. In other news the GretaWire is totally stupid.

Fox News allows its anchors to maintain a blog on That's Ok. But do you think that these anchors maybe report on stories or topics that they are interested in, personally and/or professionally? Maybe do some investigative journalism and share the knowledge gained in their blogs? Guess again. These blogs are as TRIVIAL and USELESS as they come. There is no reason why a story about Greta Van Susteren bowling in Las Vegas should be on any news site, unless that news site is solely geared toward reporting on her. This is a waste. The GretaWire is ridiculous. If she wants a personal blog she should get an account from a blogging site ( A blog on a news site should be about news!


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Here is a blogger for Greta:

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